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Robb Hawks
Dr. Marcus Devasahayam
olBi Co-Founder

Dr. Marcus has earned 10 distinct education degrees in his 25+ years of ministry in Gujarat, India and is a leader within the India Assemblies of God.

He is uniquely qualified to work with illiterate pastors as he has planted numerous churches within the tribal villages and then mentored and trained illiterate men to become pastors.

Dr. Marcus has a passion for education and training future church leaders of India.

Dr. Marcus went on to be with the Lord in the winter of 2018. He will be deeply missed but his legacy lives on.




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Leadership Team
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Dr. Marcus
Dr. Marcus Devasahayam
Robb Hawks
Robb Hawks
Rajnish Jacob
Rajnish Jacob
Jaipur, Rajasthan India
Dr. Barbara Parks
Dr. Barbara Parks
Graduate Studies
Dr. Paul Parks
Dr. Paul Parks
Communicating with Story

Dr. Judy Cagle
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