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Robb Hawks

Rajnish Jacob
IAG District Superintendent, Rajasthan

Rajnish arrived in Jaipur as a young man with with a suitcase and $40 in his pocket. Now, 20+ years later he leads over 100 churches in Rajasthan - many of which he personally founded and pastored.

He has a truly entrepreneurial gift founding businesses as well as a ministry center in Jaipur which includes a studio, an extension Bible school, a Christian school, and vocational training.

Rajnish serves on both the olBi global board as well as a director of olBi in India..



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Leadership Team
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Dr. Marcus
Dr. Marcus Devasahayam
Robb Hawks
Robb Hawks
Rajnish Jacob
Rajnish Jacob
Jaipur, Rajasthan India
Dr. Barbara Parks
Dr. Barbara Parks
Graduate Studies
Dr. Paul Parks
Dr. Paul Parks
Communicating with Story

Dr. Judy Cagle
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