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Leadership Team
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A team to create a new type of pastoral training for the next generation of oral learner pastors.

The olBi leadership team is a diverse group of successful leaders and educators who have come together to create a type of pastoral education for illiterate oral learners that has never been done before.

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olBi Board of Advisors

The olBi Board of Advisors is comprised of some of the leading experts in education with experience in over 100 countries.

Dr. JoAnn Butrin
Dr. JoAnn Butrin

Director of IM Ministries
AG World Missions

Dr. Gary Severs
Dr. Gary Severs
Global University
Dr. Mark Hausfeld
Dr. Mark Hausfeld
AG Theological Seminary
Dr Elmer Towns
Dr. Elmer Towns
Liberty University
Robb Hawks
Robb Hawks
Oral Learners Bible Institute




Global Leadership Team
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Robb Hawks
Robb Hawks
Rajnish Jacob
Rajnish Jacob
Jaipur, Rajasthan India
Dr. Barbara Parks
Dr. Barbara Parks
Graduate Studies
Dr. Paul Parks
Dr. Paul Parks
Communicating with Story

Dr. Judy Cagle
Editorial Board

Patrick Collins
Children's Ministry



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The Oral Learners Bible Institute is an initiative of the Oral Learners Initiative, an international ministry of the Assemblies of God World Mission.