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What is an olBi school?

Each school is developed specifically for a language group and nation. The olBi team of dedicated writers and technicians have written the courses and have produced the video resources that are used to enhance each lesson. These video resources are created in parntership with organizations such as the Lumo Project, The Glory Story, Free Bible Images and other miscellaneous partners. Thousands of man-hours have gone into the creation of each year of olBi courses. These expenses have been covered. But each individual school must be funded up through the initial launch. After that each school is self sufficient.

All of this preliminary work is merely the skeleton upon which a olBi school is created. Each course must first be translated. Next "professors" must be recruited in each language. These professors will present the lessons in their native language in front of a video production team. These recordings create the "raw" video footage from which the individual lessons will edited.

The editing process pulls all of the resources to gether to create a HD quality master. The HD masters will be used in classroom setting either on large screen TVs or through video projection. The HD masters are then down converted to create mobile device files. These are much smaller files designed to be viewed on a mobile phone.

An olBi app is being produced that will create the olBi school in a specific language that plays on the student's mobile phone. Each olBi school requires some modifications to the master app.

Together, all of these processes are required to launch an Oral Learners Bible Institute. And it is these expenses incurred in creating an olBi school for a specific language that must be raised.

Follow the project links at right to discover the details of each of the olBi schools that are currently in production.

Kids Ministries Courses

We are also producing children's ministries courses for each of our language projects. The links below are for direct giving for each of the languages for these courses.

Kids Courses Portuguese: Donate Now Kids Courses Swahili: Donate Now
Kids Courses Hindi: Donate Now Kids Courses Bahasa: Donate Now




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The Oral Learners Bible Institute is an initiative of the Oral Learners Initiative, an international ministry of the Assemblies of God World Mission.