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There are 65 million Gujarati speakers worldwide representing the 27th most spoken language. Almost 60 million of these live in Gujarat, India. Although India has a high literacy rate, there are entire portions of the population that remain illiterate. Among those with a high illiteracy rate are the tribals in eastern Gujarat.

There are numerous churches among the tribals and thus a growing number of men and women called of God to plant and pastor new churches. Dr. Marcus Devasahayam will be leading the development of the olBi courses in the Gujarati language.

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Gujarati Courses


Gujarat, India

"The Land of Legends" is located in western India on the coast and holds a rich cultural history. Hinduism dominates the culture with Hindu temples visible always everywhere. 90% of Gujarat's 60 million people are Hindu, about 9% Muslim, and 1/2 % are Christian.

Ahmedabad is one of the major cities of Gujarat and is the birthplace of Mahatma Gandhi. The eastern portion of Gujarat is less developed and is where the tribals live. Tigers still roam this part of India.

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