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264+ million Indians are considered illiterate.

“. . . the ability to read and write, with understanding, a short simple sentence about one’s daily life”. This definition is very limiting. It suggests a dichotomy between literates and illiterates, when it is acknowledged that in reality there exist various levels of proficiency." [Quote]

"Almost half of all children in grade 5 cannot read a grade 2 textbook." "The dropout rate is alarming - 29% for primary school children." [Quote]

Illiteracy is a global problem. But the literacy rate does not tell the entire story. Most populations of the world are rooted in oral or spoken societies One highly educated Indian church leader said this: "We Indians love to talk on our phones - not so much read or write."


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This creates a significant hurdle for young men and women who feel called to become ministers or pastors. Most Indian Bible Colleges require applicants to have passed their grade 10 exams in order to apply. Therefore, literacy is a requirement for ministry.

But what about those who are called but are either illiterate or functionally illiterate?



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