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Year 1 Lessons

Bible Th224 Sin and Atonement 2 credits

The nature of sin and mankind's inability to be reconciled to God through works is explained by prophetic promise of atonement through Jesus' life and death.


Credit 1 (Lessons 1-15)

Credit 2 (Lessons 15-30)

pdf Th224-1
God's Glory
pdf Th224-16
God's Law - demands punishment
pdf Th224-2
God is holy
pdf Th224-17
God's law - personal responsibility
pdf Th224-3
God is love
pdf Th224-18
Search for restoration
pdf Th224-4
Created for relationship
pdf Th224-19
God gives the law
pdf Th224-5
Inherited nature
pdf Th224-20
Demands of the law
pdf Th224-6
Self out of balance
pdf Th224-21
Shedding of blood
pdf Th224-7
Law attempts to balance
pdf Th224-22
Old Testament sacrifice
pdf Th224-8
Nature of sin
pdf Th224-23
God's will
pdf Th224-9
Temptation of the eye
pdf Th224-24
Man cannot restore relationship
pdf Th224-10
Lusf of the flesh
pdf Th224-25
pdf Th224-11
Pride of life
pdf Th224-26
Paying the debt
pdf Th224-12
Sin becomes a habit
pdf Th224-27
pdf Th224-13
God's law is pass or fail
pdf Th224-28
Atonement is a free gift
pdf Th224-14
Breaking the law
pdf Th224-29
No condemnation
pdf Th224-15
God's law - condemnation
pdf Th224-30
Relationship restored




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