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Year 1 Lessons

theo Th 122 Foundation Doctrines 2 credits

This course will lay a biblical theological foundation based upon the doctrines discussed in Hebrews 6, repentance, faith, baptisms, laying on of hands, resurrections, and eternal judgment.


Credit 1 (Lessons 1-15)

Credit 2 (Lessons 15-30)

pdf Th 122-1
pdf Th 122-16
Baptism in Fire
pdf Th 122-2
Repentance Godly Sorrow
pdf Th 122-17
Laying on Hands for Blessing
pdf Th 122-3
Repentance Confession of Sin
pdf Th 122-18
Laying on Hands for Authority
pdf Th 122-4
Repentance Change of Thinking
pdf Th 122-19
Laying on Hands for Holy Spirit
pdf Th 122-5
Repentance Direction Change
pdf Th 122-20
Laying on Hands for Healing
pdf Th 122-6
Rep[entance Restitution
pdf Th 122-21
Laying on Hands for Ordination
pdf Th 122-7
Faith Believing God
pdf Th 122-22
REsurrection Jesus
pdf Th 122-8
Faith Pleases God
pdf Th 122-23
Resurrection Rapture
pdf Th 122-9
Faith Produces Miracles
pdf Th 122-24
Resurrection Jesus' Return
pdf Th 122-10
Faith and Salvation
pdf Th 122-25
Resurrection of the Wicked
pdf Th 122-11
Faith and Works
pdf Th 122-26
Judgment Christ the Judge
pdf Th 122-12
Baptism in Water
pdf Th 122-27
Judgment of the Saints
pdf Th 122-13
Baptism in Holy Spirit
pdf Th 122-28
Judgment of Satan
pdf Th 122-14
Baptism Speaking in Tongues
pdf Th 122-29
Judgment of Wicked
pdf Th 122-15
Baptism Power to Wintess
pdf Th 122-30
Foundation Doctrines Review



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