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Year 1 Lessons

theo Th 123 The Holy Spirit 2 credits

A study of the Pentecostal doctrine of the Holy Spirit, emphasizing Spirit baptism, initial evidence, divine healing, gifts and fruit, and living a Spirit-directed life.


Credit 1 (Lessons 1-15)

Credit 2 (Lessons 15-30)

pdf Th 123-1
pdf Th 123-16
What is the baptism in Holy Spirit
pdf Th 123-2
Knowing the Holy Spirit
pdf Th 123-17
Why ever Christian needs the Holy Spirit
pdf Th 123-3
The Spirit of Missions
pdf Th 123-18
You can know
pdf Th 123-4
The Creative Spirit
pdf Th 123-19
You can receive
pdf Th 123-5
The Enabling Spirit
pdf Th 123-20
You can help others receive
pdf Th 123-6
The Prophetic Spirit
pdf Th 123-21
The spirit will help us pray
pdf Th 123-7
The Spirit Prepares the way
pdf Th 123-22
The Spirit will enable our worship
pdf Th 123-8
The Spirit emposwers Jesus
pdf Th 123-23
The Spirit will help us understand
pdf Th 123-9
Jesus promises the Holy Spirit
pdf Th 123-24
The Spirit will help us become like Jesus
pdf Th 123-10
Jesus poured out the Spirit
pdf Th 123-25
The Spirit will encourage and guide
pdf Th 123-11
The Holy Spirit gives life to the church
pdf Th 123-26
Speaking in tonques
pdf Th 123-12
The Holy Spirit empowers to witness
pdf Th 123-27
Ministry in the Spirit
pdf Th 123-13
The Holy Spirit directs the mission
pdf Th 123-28
Spirit anointed preaching and teaching
pdf Th 123-14
The Holy Spirit enables us
pdf Th 123-29
Gifts of the Spirit
pdf Th 123-15
The Holy Spirit works in unbelievers
pdf Th 123-30
Fruit of the Spirit



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