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Year 1 Lessons

Bible Bi 122 Gospels 2 2 credits

The Gospels are the linear compiliation of the books of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Gospels 1 covers the life of Christ from Birth up until His passion week. This course, Gospels 2, will cover the passion week, His crucifixion, and resurrection.


Credit 1 (Lessons 1-15)

Credit 2 (Lessons 15-30)

pdf Bi 122-1
Jesus Anointed
pdf Bi 122-16
The Garden
pdf Bi 122-2
Triumphal Entry
pdf Bi 122-17
Jesus Arrested
pdf Bi 122-3
The 10 Minas
pdf Bi 122-18
Peter's Denial
pdf Bi 122-4
Tree & Temple
pdf Bi 122-19
Trial by Sanhedrin
pdf Bi 122-5
The True Light
pdf Bi 122-20
Trial by Pilate & Herod
pdf Bi 122-6
Parable of Tenants
pdf Bi 122-21
Pilate's Decision
pdf Bi 122-7
Wedding Feast
pdf Bi 122-22
The Crucifixion
pdf Bi 122-8
Is Resurrection Real
pdf Bi 122-23
On the Cross
pdf Bi 122-9
God's Greatest Command
pdf Bi 122-24
Jesus Buried
pdf Bi 122-10
Hypocrisy Warning
pdf Bi 122-25
Visiting the Tomb
pdf Bi 122-11
Parable of 10 Virgins
pdf Bi 122-26
Road to Emmaus
pdf Bi 122-12
Sheep & Goats
pdf Bi 122-27
No More Doubting
pdf Bi 122-13
Anointed & Betrayed
pdf Bi 122-28
At the Sea of Galilee
pdf Bi 122-14
The Last Supper
pdf Bi 122-29
Great Commission
pdf Bi 122-15
Washed Feet
pdf Bi 122-30
The Ascension

COMING SOON: Click on the links below to go to the resource pages for Bible 121 in Hindi, Gujarati, or Tamil. NOTE: This course was originally listed as Bi123.

Bible Bi 123 GUJARATI

Bible Bi 123 HINDI

Bible Bi 123 TAMIL


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