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Year 1 Lessons

Bible Di 122 Essentials of Christianity 2 credits

Jesus commanded the church to make disciples. This course explores aspects of discipleship that are essential for every believer including memorizing God's Word, praying, witnessing, and giving..


Credit 1 (Lessons 1-15)

Credit 2 (Lessons 15-30)

pdf Di 122-1
Salvation - Belief in Jesus
pdf Di 122-16
Christian Life - Overcoming Temptation
pdf Di 122-2
Salvation - Repentance of Sin
pdf Di 122-17
Christian Life - Armor of God
pdf Di 122-3
Salvation - Submission to Jesus
pdf Di 122-18
Christian Life - Spiritual Warfare
pdf Di 122-4
Faith - Believing Always
pdf Di 122-19
Christian Character - Humility
pdf Di 122-5
Water Baptism
pdf Di 122-20
Christian Character - Service
pdf Di 122-6
Hiding God's Word
pdf Di 122-21
Christian Character - Loving
pdf Di 122-7
Communion - The Lord's Supper
pdf Di 122-22
Christian Stewardship - Tithes
pdf Di 122-8
Baptism in the Holy Spirit
pdf Di 122-23
Christian Stewardship - Offerings
pdf Di 122-9
The Fruit of the Spirit
pdf Di 122-24
Christian Stewardship - Time
pdf Di 122-10
The Gifts of the Spirit
pdf Di 122-25
Church - Accountability
pdf Di 122-11
Prayer - The Lord's Prayer
pdf Di 122-26
Church - Fellowship
pdf Di 122-12
Prayer - Worship
pdf Di 122-27
Church - Mentoring
pdf Di 122-13
Prayer - Intercesssion
pdf Di 122-28
Church - Expectation
pdf Di 122-14
Prayer - Petition
pdf Di 122-29
Finish Well - Determination
pdf Di 122-15
Christian Life -Witnessing
pdf Di 122-30




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